Jan 19

Snooker in 2016 – Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

Since 2011, I have been involved in promoting the game of snooker in Alberta, hosting a variety of tournaments and putting together a competitive season that has thrived for a game that has largely waned in popularity nationwide for many decades now. My love for the game drove me to see more playing opportunities created and to put the game back in the public eye in a region once known to boast some of Canada’s strongest players.

It is difficult to promote snooker for many reasons, be it the difficulty in finding an appropriate venue or the related lack of prize money and available tables to stage larger events. While I have learned a great deal about managing these challenges over the years, it has come at a great cost and most of those problems have not become any easier to overcome in the current market for cue sports. 

While it has given me a great deal of joy to promote the sport and some irreplaceable life experiences, circumstances beyond my control have forced me to limit my involvement in this aspect of the game. There are many positives to hosting snooker tournaments and helping grow the game I love, but there are also downsides and burdens that come with it that I am no longer in a position to juggle. 

The incorporated Alberta Billiard Sports Association still holds the sanction for spots to play in the Canadian Snooker Championships and I will continue to try and host the Alberta Snooker Championship annually up to and including the year 2018. Otherwise, my own personal involvement with qualifying events and ranking tournaments will be put on hold indefinitely. 

If anyone else is willing to host snooker or pool tournaments throughout the season in the interest of qualifying players for the Canadians, you are more than welcome to email albertasnooker@gmail.com if you would like to have it promoted under the banner of the ABSA. If no additional qualification tournaments are conducted, spots for the Canadian Snooker Championships will be distributed solely on the basis of the results of the provincial championships and Pool spots will be direct entry.

Thank you for your understanding–maybe I’ll be back some day.

Randall Morrison
President, Alberta Billiard Sports Association 

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  1. Wayne

    Thanks for all you have done Randell. You have done the game well.

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