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Apr 19

Six Red Tournament – May 14-15 | Calgary Snooker League


Aug 29

2015/16 Calgary Snooker League – Sept. 24 to Feb. 25th

The 2015-16 Calgary Snooker League is scheduled to run September 24th through through to February 25th.


 Contact Justin Gaydos (403-519-2677) or by email at with any questions about this year’s league!

Dec 13

2012 Calgary Snooker League – Playoffs

With the final week of league play coming to an end in the 2012 Calgary Snooker League, the playoff results are in and a new champion has been crowned!



2012 CSL - Final Standings



2012 Calgary Snooker League - Playoffs


Cliff Johnson 4 (7) 0 Justin Gaydos

Cliff Johnson makes the semi-finals for the second successive year in the Calgary Snooker League with a whitewash victory over Justin Gaydos.

Jesse Nowak 4 (7) 1 Paul Knapp

Paul Knapp, who squeaked into the playoffs on the final night of play saw his run come to an end as the South division’s Jesse Nowak came through a 4-1 winner. 

Rodney Yim 4 (7) 3 Joel Patterson

Rodney trailed 3-1 after the first four frames but dug in with a break of 45 in the fifth and a spirited fightback to force and win a deciding frame to book his place in the semi-finals against Jesse Nowak. 

Bill Cormylo 3 (7) 4 Earl MacMaster

Leading 2-0, Bill Cormylo looked to be on his way to another semi-final, but Earl had other ideas and fought back to draw level, then trailed again at 3-2. Another deciding frame was on the cards, however, and Bill struggled in the final game, conceding six fouls and ultimately losing it on the colours. Earl advances to play Cliff Johnson.



12:00 PM
Cliff Johnson 5 (9) 0 Earl MacMaster

Having overcome one of his toughest opponents in the quarterfinal, Earl MacMaster could not repeat the upset as Cliff Johnson turned in a dominant semifinal performance in defeating him in five straight frames. 

Rodney Yim 5 (9) 3 Jesse Nowak 

In a much closer contest, Jesse Nowak was looking to make his second successive appearance in the Calgary Snooker League final but North Division winner Rodney Yim had other ideas. The match featured a series of long-grind frames towards the end, at one point playing 38 shots on the last red before it was potted and Rodney took a 4-3 lead that he was able to convert into a victory in the next frame.


Cliff Johnson 4 (11) 6 Rodney Yim

Cliff got out of the blocks quickly and raced into a 2-0 lead in about twenty minutes time with the scoring in each tilted heavily in his favour. Rodney didn’t get his first good chance until frame 3 which was closely-fought down to the final black. Rodney’s last safety left the black on the side cushion and Cliff doubled it into the middle pocket to take a 3-0 lead and put a stop to what looked like a good chance to get back into the match. 

There looked to be only one winner at this stage of the contest, however, Rodney was no stranger to trailing behind in these playoffs and was once again able to dig in from three frames down and win three of his own to draw level at 3-3. A pivotal seventh frame saw the turning of the tide come full circle as Rodney pipped it to win his fourth frame in a row and lead the match for the first time. 

Cliff pulled a win back in the eigth, but it was Rodney who would reach the hill first in a hard-fought ninth frame that paved the way for an incredible come-from-behind 6-4 win as he potted the pink after Cliff’s final shot left it on to a baulk pocket in the tenth.


Congratulations to Rodney Yim, winner of the 2012 Calgary Snooker League!

Dec 06

2012 Calgary Snooker League – Final Weeks

Two weeks of matches remain in the 2012 Calgary Snooker League and a number of factors outside of the game have impacted the schedule over the final few matches, particularly in regards to the South division. 

 The following is a list of the matches scheduled. This list does not include re-scheduled matches that need to be made up:

Calgary North – Leather Pocket Billiards Matches Remaining

  • Randall Morrison vs. Earl MacMaster – Dec. 6th, 6:30 PM
  • Paul Knapp vs. Rodney Yim – Dec. 6th, 6:30 PM
  • Gordon Galenza vs. Jim Killey – Dec. 13th, 6:30 PM
  • Jesse Nicol vs. Rodney Yim  – Dec. 13th, 6:30 PM
  • Paul Knapp vs. Phill Oltmann – Dec. 13th, 6:30 PM

Calgary South – Chalks Billiards Matches Remaining

  • Jesse Nowak vs. Richard Strand – Dec. 6th, 6:30 PM
  • Joel Patterson vs. Justin Gaydos – Dec. 8th, 1:30 PM
  • Bill Cormylo vs. Jim Killey – Dec. 8th, 1:30 PM
  • Cliff Johnson vs. Joel Patterson – Dec. 13th, 6:30 PM
  • George Benwell vs. Bill Cormylo – Dec. 13th, 6:30 PM

Please take note that Bill Brunton has had to withdraw from the league in the closing weeks due to injury and as such, all previously-scheduled matches involving Bill have been cancelled. 

In order to ensure the impact on the league standings is dealt with as fairly as possible. the results from Bill’s matches against other players in the South Division have been removed from the table, while his cross-divisional matches against North players remain.

In order for all players in the South Division to finish the league campaign with an equal number of matches played, Bill Cormylo and Jesse Nowak may have to play a second match against one another, bringing everyone’s total to 10.


Nov 22

Calgary Snooker League – Playoff picture after Week 11

Only four weeks of play left in the 2012 Calgary Snooker League and the various permutations for the playoffs are outlined below. With only a handful of matches remaining, some players have already booked their place in the playoffs, while other spots are still up for grabs.

Remember, the TOP 4 players from each division advance to the knockout rounds and here’s how things stand today:

Calgary Snooker League

North Division


  • Rodney Yim
Having lost only one cross-divisional match to Cliff Johnson in the South, Rodney Yim holds the top spot and is the sole guaranteed occupant of a playoff spot in the North Division. 
  • Jim Killey
Jim’s only point in seven attempts came in a 3-3 draw with Bill Brunton from the South Division, but unfortunately, even a run of four consecutive 4-0 victories in his remaining matches will leave him just outside of the Top 4.
Earl MacMaster – With 11 points, a record of 5-1-2 and a possible six points still available, Earl is very likely to qualify for the playoffs and only an extraordinary set of circumstances could see him removed from the top four at the end of the league play.
Justin Gaydos – Also on 11 points, but with only a possible four remaining from his two final matches against Randall Morrison and Joel Patterson, Justin’s fate is somewhat less certain. Two losses could see his position in the playoffs challenged by Paul Knapp or by Randall directly if he is able to string together a few wins. 
Paul Knapp – Standing in fourth spot on 9 points, Paul could potentially rake in another 6 with wins against Rodney Yim, Phill Oltmann and Earl MacMaster. One win and one draw would be enough to guarantee him a place in the knockout rounds, but any less favourable results leave him in a precarious position, relying on the results of those below him going his way.
Phill Oltmann – With only two matches remaining, Phill Oltmann is in a good position to qualify if he can defeat Jim Killey. His final match is with Paul Knapp, who currently occupies the fourth spot and that match could prove to be decisive in who stays or who goes. A win for Phill will make it difficult for those below him to make it. Depending on Paul’s results, a defeat or a draw against Jim Killey may not be enough to get Phill through to the knockout rounds.
Gordon Galenza – Two matches are left for Gordon, the first against Jesse Nicol and the last against Jim Killey. Wins in both of these matches could bring him into the top four if Paul Knapp is not able to win one of his three remaining fixtures. However, one win may not be enough, as both Paul and Phill are guaranteed at least 9 and 10 points respectively.
Randall Morrison – In what could no doubt be construed as an egregiously unfair and corrupt but mathematically necessary scenario, Randall has three games remaining, having played nine, for a total of twelve–one more than everyone else in the league. Regardless of being afforded this extra chance (and, notably, the burden of additional league fees), Randall has left himself in a difficult situation, needing wins in all three of his remaining fixtures to qualify. 
Jesse Nicol – Sharing seventh spot on 5 points with Randall Morrison, the two will meet this evening to decide who holds their own fate in their hands. A win for either player effectively eliminates the other and even the winner is relying on other results in the hopes of qualification. If Jesse defeats Randall, he will also need to record at least two wins from his remaining three matches to qualify and hope that Paul Knapp and Phill Oltmann can only win one of their remaining matches.

South Division
  • Jack Dunn
  • Richard Strand
Unable to record any match wins thus far in the campaign, both Jack Dunn and Richard Strand have come away with a combined six 3-3 draws throughout the league and are unfortunately out of contention for a playoff spot.  
Jesse Nowak – Unlikely though it may seem, Jesse Nowak’s record of 6-0-1 after seven matches does not guarantee him a playoff spot and he will still need at least one more win to mathematically avoid elimination. That said, in order for Jesse not to make the playoffs, he would have to lose to Richard Strand and lose twice to George Benwell, who himself as well as Bill Brunton would have to string together a series of wins to oust Nowak from contention.
Cliff Johnson – A possible 19 points are up for grabs for Cliff Johnson as he looks to top the league table for the second year running in the South Division. With matches left against Cliff Johnson, Bill Brunton, George Benwell and Richard Strand, Cliff will like his chances of making the playoffs and only a similarly unlikely set of circumstances to those of Jesse Nowak could eliminate him.

Bill Cormylo – The only unbeaten player in the Calgary Snooker League field, Bill Cormylo currently sits in the fourth and final qualifying spot in the South Division, but crucially, he still has 5 matches to play, all against players ranked further down in the standings. Only a series of upset wins from those players down the table could threaten Bill’s chances of a playoff spot.  

Joel Patterson – In with a good chance for the knockout rounds, Joel Patterson has one cross-divisional match remaining with Justin Gaydos, one with Bill Brunton and another with Cliff Johnson. A win against Bill Brunton will take the pressure off his last two matches, neither of which are likely to impact his chances.
Bill Brunton – A loss to Joel Patterson next week could spell doom for Bill as the gap between them would increase to five points with only a possible six remaining. If he is able to get the win, he will also be looking to get at least a win or a point from two of his three remaining matches to stay in contention. 
George Benwell – A flat record of 2-2-2 finds George Benwell sitting in sixth position, but like Bill Cormylo, he still has five matches left to play and a good chance at competing for one of the final playoff positions. However, the road isn’t easy as George is scheduled to play two matches against table-topper Jesse Nowak and matches with the three other plays jostling for the top four, Cliff Johnson, Bill Cormylo and Bill Brunton.

Week 12

  • Phill Oltmann vs. Jim Killey
  • Earl MacMaster vs. Jesse Nowak
  • Randall Morrison vs. Jesse Nicol
  • George Benwell vs. Bill Brunton
  • Cliff Johnson vs. Richard Strand
  • Jack Dunn vs. Bill Cormylo
Week 13
  • Paul Knapp vs. Earl MacMaster
  • Jim Killey vs. Jesse Nicol
  • Justin Gaydos vs. Randall Morrison
  • Gordon Galenza vs. Jesse Nicol
  • Bill Brunton vs. Joel Patterson
  • George Benwell vs. Cliff Johnson
  • Jack Dunn vs. Rodney Yim
Week 14
  • Randall Morrison vs. Earl MacMaster
  • Paul Knapp vs. Rodney Yim
  • Jesse Nowak vs. Richard Strand
  • Bill Brunton vs. Cliff Johnson
  • Joel Patterson vs. Justin Gaydos
  • Bill Cormylo vs. Jim Killey
Week 15
  • Gordon Galenza vs. Jim Killey
  • Jesse Nicol vs. Rodney Yim
  • Paul Knapp vs. Phill Oltmann
  • Cliff Johnson vs. Joel Patterson
  • George Benwell vs. Bill Cormylo
  • George Benwell vs. Jesse Nowak
  • Bill Cormylo vs. Richard Strand
  • George Benwell vs. Jesse Nowak (2)
  • Bill Brunton vs. Bill Cormylo 

Best of luck to all players down the home stretch!
All playoff rounds will be played at Leather Pocket Billiards at 3715 Edmonton Tr. NE
Friday, Dec. 14th @ 6:00 PM – QUARTERFINALS
Table 1: North (2) vs. South (3)
Table 2: South (1) vs. North (4)
Table 3: South (2) vs. North (3)
Table 4: North (1) vs. South (4)
Saturday, Dec. 14th
Table 2: 
Table 3:
@ 5:00 PM – FINAL
Table 2: 

Sep 07

2012 Calgary Snooker League – Week 1 Results

The first week of the 2012 Calgary Snooker League kicked off last night with four of the five scheduled matches played to a conclusion followed by one match on Saturday in the south end:


Earl MacMaster def. Paul Knapp 4-0

Having conceded the first two frames on a late arrival, it was uphill right from the start for Paul Knapp on his league debut who lost two competitive frames to 19th-ranked Earl MacMaster. It’s “earl”y doors yet, but MacMaster holds the top spot in the league with several players still waiting to play their first match.

Justin Gaydos def. Jim Killey 4-1

After losing the first frame by some margin to Jim Killey, Justin Gaydos came out on top over the next four frames to record a 4-1 victory and get a good start to his league campaign. 

Phill Oltmann def. Gordon Galenza 4-2

In the longest match of the night, Phill Oltmann and Gordon Galenza were level at 2 frames apiece when the other matches were coming to an end. In this close contest, Phill was able to win the last two and record his first league win after a strong debut in ranking events last season. 


George Benwell def. Richard Strand 4-2

After five close frames, Richard Strand trailed 3-2 before George Benwell pulled away to record a 4-2 victory in his league debut. 

Bill Cormylo def. Jesse Nowak 4-0

Bill Cormylo got off to a strong start in his league campaign in a whitewash victory over last year’s finalist, Jesse Nowak.

Jack Dunn vs. Bill Brunton – RESCHEDULED


Week 1 - 2012 CSL Standings

Jul 10

2012 Calgary Snooker League starts Sept. 6th – Register now!

The 2012 Calgary Snooker League starts early September!


League Format

The 2012 Calgary Snooker League is a 15-week series of matches between registered players, culminating in an field of 8 seeded into a playoff knockout round the weekend following the last week of play. League matches will be played at two different venues:

  • Leather Pocket Billiards – 3715 Edmonton Tr. NE
  • Chalks Billiards – 15150 Bannister Rd. SE

Players will be divided into two regional divisions. The majority of the games throughout the league will be played against players from within their own division to minimize the travel demands on everyone involved. Matches will be held weekly and a schedule will be drawn up indicating who plays who on which date. The majority of matches will be scheduled for Thursday evenings, while some are scheduled on Saturday afternoons.

All matches are a Best of 6 frames, or First to 4 with the possibility of a 3-3 draw. 

Players will be ranked in the league table based on their performance over the course of the 14 weeks of competition, earning 2 points for a WIN, 1 point for a DRAW and 0 points for a loss. 


At the end of 14 weeks of play, the Top 4 players in each division will advance to the playoffs, seeded based on rank against another top 4 player from the opposite divsion. 

Playoff match formats are as follows (match times subject to change):

  • Quarterfinals: Best of 7 – Friday, December 14th 6:30 PM
  • Semifinals: Best of 9 – Saturday, December 15th 12:00 PM
    • Third-place Playoff: Best of 5 – Saturday, December 15th 4:00 PM
  • FINAL: Best of 11 – Saturday, December 15th 5:00 PM
NOTE: All playoff rounds will be held at Leather Pocket Billiards – 3715 Edmonton Tr. NE.


Registration is open to all players who are able to commit to 12 matches between September and December of 2012 in Calgary. 

To register for the 2012 Calgary Snooker League, please email or call Randall Morrison at 403-921-7764


League Fees

Each venue will provide an envelope with a scorecard at the beginning of each match. All players are required to pay $30 per match, per person, to be left in the envelope and returned to the staff at the venue along with a completed scorecard with the match result signed by both players. 

Registered players do not have to pay for green fees for their matches at these locations. Approximately one-third of all league fees collected go toward paying for table time throughout the duration of league play.


            • Phill Oltmann
            • Joel Patterson
            • Randall Morrison
            • Richard Strand
            • Jesse Nowak
            • Jim Killey
            • Gordon Galenza
            • Justin Gaydos
            • Bill Brunton
            • Cliff Johnson
            • Bill Cormylo
            • Earl MacMaster
            • Jack Dunn
            • George Benwell
            • Paul Knapp
            • Jesse Nicol
            • Rodney Yim


VIDEO: 2011 Calgary Snooker League Final | Bjornstad vs. Nowak

Oct 05

2011 Calgary Snooker League Playoffs – Final Results!


Dwayne Bjornstad def. Bill Cormylo 5-1

The semi-finals and the finals of the inaugural Calgary Snooker League were played out last Saturday at Chalks Billiards and in the end, Dwayne Bjornstad came through his semi-final with Bill Cormylo by a dominant score of 5-1, while Jesse Nowak–apparently looking to avenge his semi-final loss to Cliff Johnson at the Provincials–upset the top seed 5-2 to advance to his first final.

Jesse Nowak def. Cliff Johnson 5-2


Dwayne Bjornstad def. Jesse Nowak 6-3

Jesse Nowak continued an impressive run of form and kept the match close early, winning the opener and then falling 2-1 down before drawing level from behind twice at 2-2 and 3-3. Ultimately, Dwayne Bjornstad was able to hold off a valiant fight, winning the next three in succession to take the 2011 Calgary Snooker League title.
Congratulations to Dwayne on the victory and to all players for their participation in an enjoyable and successful season!
Finalists Jesse Nowak (L), Dwayne Bjornstad (R), with league organizer Randall Morrison.

Sep 28

2011 Calgary Snooker League Playoffs – Quarterfinal Results

Below are the results of the 2011 Calgary Snooker League‘s quarter-final matches:

Cliff Johnson def. Randall Morrison 4-0

Cliff Johnson completed a swift dismissal of Randall Morrison in their quarterfinal match. Although he had opportunities in the third frame, Randall was unable to capitalize on them in any significant way.

Jesse Nowak def. Umair Lasi 4-1
Umair Lasi’s strong run of form towards the end of the league was halted in the quarterfinals by Jesse Nowak, winning by 4 frames to 1 and setting up a repeat of the Alberta Provincials semi-final.
Dwayne Bjornstad def. Earl MacMaster 4-0 
Earl MacMaster, despite strong performances in the Provincials, proved to be no serious threat for Dwayne Bjornstad who advanced to the semi-finals in four straight frames. 

Bill Cormylo def. Jesse Nicol 4-3
Bill Cormylo looked to be well on his way to a place in the semis with an early 3-0 lead in a series of scrappy frames. However, following a surprise missed pink in the fourth frame to close out the match, with Jesse Nicol in the process of disassembling his cue, Bill would go on to lose that frame and the next. In the sixth frame, still needing only one frame to win the match, Bill trailed by seven with only the black ball on. He potted it to force a re-spotted black, Jesse Nicol won the coin toss and nominated Bill to shoot first. He left a long shot into the yellow pocket but Jesse potted it on the first attempt to force a deciding frame. However, Bill would finally clinch the match in the final frame, having suffered quite a scare losing three in a row to the 7th seed.
SF1 | Cliff Johnson vs. Jesse Nowak –Saturday, October 1st – 12:00 PM @ Chalks (Table 2)

SF2 | Dwayne Bjornstad vs. Bill Cormylo – Saturday, October 1st – 12:00 PM @ Chalks (Table 1)


Winner of SF1 vs. Winner of SF2  |  Saturday, October 1st – approx. 4 PM @ Chalks Billiards

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