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Alberta Billiards & Snooker Association Membership

To join the Alberta Billiards & Snooker Association, an annual provincial membership fee of $25.00 is required to participate in ABSA-sanctioned events. These events are open to all Alberta residents who have registered with the Association and paid members are additionally entitled to represent the province and play in any of the national events hosted at the Canadian Cue Sports Championships by the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA).

Membership dues do not have to be submitted in advance of the season, however they must be collected prior to your participation in any ABSA-sanctioned event on the calendar, including the Canadian Cue Sports Championships. Once paid, your membership will remain active for all events within the season up to and including the Canadians.

The season officially runs from August 1st through to July 31st of the following year, although very few sanctioned events traditionally occur during the month of July and August and the season is normally considered over at the conclusion of the Canadians. If you elect to join while a season is already in progress, please note that your membership will expire on July 31st, regardless of when the fees were paid.


Pay In-Person (Cash only)

The membership fee can be paid in-person on location at any of the ABSA events seen on the season’s calendar. Currently, only cash is accepted on location and you will be provided with a membership card upon receipt of payment.

Purchase Online (Credit Card/PayPal, etc.)

Fill out the form below to pay for a membership online. Your payment will be processed quickly and you will receive e-mail confirmation of the transaction shortly thereafter. We will create your membership card and, if requested, we can mail it out to you. Otherwise, it will be given to you at the next provincial event that you attend.

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