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Alberta Snooker | Provincial Rankings

Below are the provincial rankings for snooker in Alberta. The total ranking points for each player are distributed as described in the Ranking Point Tariffs & Structure page.

The columns along the right show each ranking event and the points earned by each player in that particular event. A ‘0’ value indicates that the player did not compete in the tournament.


RANKPlayer2015 Alberta Snooker Championship2015 Alberta Masters2016 AQS12017 Alberta Masters2017 Alberta Snooker ChampionshipTOTAL RANKING POINTSProjected Total Next Season2016/2017
Projected Rank
1Tom Finstad10000320013200099
2Paul Potier500022507250099
3Brad Grierson150022503750099
4Rodney Yim150095020010003650099
5Barry Hooey0160017003300099
6J. Warren Saffel30003000099
6Jody Thornton30003000099
8Muhammad Ali Rana74022502990099
9Peter Terpstra150010002500099
10Gordon Galenza5809502006002330099
11Jesse Nowak58016002180099
12Geoff Gelinas17001700099
13Omair Ahmed5003502006001650099
14Randy Albrecht6609501610099
15Ken Bartko15001500099
16Chase Real Cyr35010001350099
17Arsalan Jami6606001260099
17Jim Whittaker6606001260099
17Bill Cormylo6606001260099
20Brent Balog10002001200099
21Michel Mauviel7403501090099
22Brian Butler950950099
23Darrell Stephens740200940099
24Earl MacMaster5803500930099
25Randall Morrison350200200750099
26Cliff Johnson740740099
27Ed Sych660660099
28Steve Fuldi600600099
28David Kutney600600099
28Clarence York600600099
31Gord Schultz350200550099
31Jesse Nicol350200550099
33Richard Strand500500099
33Jared Bottorff500500099
35Brian Groh350350099
36Joel Patterson200200099
36Jim Killey200200099
36Ron Tatterton200200099
39Peter Quon170170099

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