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Oct 19

2016 AQS1 Calgary – RESULTS

2016 AQS1 Calgary – the first tournament in the 2016 Alberta Snooker Qualifying Series — was held October 17-18th at Leather Pocket Billiards with 14 entrants. Players were divided into two round-robin groups of seven, each playing a 2-frame match with the top four performers of each group advancing to Sunday’s single-elimination knockout round.
Full results below:



*The sixth frame of the Final was awarded by the referee under conditions subject to the Rules of Play surrounding player conduct, enforced under: Section IIII – 1.) Conduct — specifically 1a(iii),(vi), 1c and 1d, and; Section V – 1.) The Refereespecifically 1a, following repeat violations under Section IIII – 1.) Conduct and Section IIII – 3.) Non-striker.



May 22

2014 Alberta Snooker Championship – OFFICIAL RESULTS

2014 Alberta Snooker Championship


The 2014 Alberta Snooker Championship came to a close on May 4th at The Ranchmen’s Club in Calgary, Albera. Official results from the group stage and knockout rounds posted below:


2014 Alberta Snooker Championship - Group Stage

2014 Alberta Snooker Championship – Group Stage


Congratulations to 2014 Alberta Snooker champion PAUL POTIER!



Jan 12

2014 AQS1 Calgary – RESULTS

The first event in the 2014 Alberta Qualifying Series kicked off Saturday, January 11th at Leather Pocket Billiards in Calgary. 12 players were split into seeded groups of six and played two frames in a round-robin to determine the 8 advancing quarterfinalists.

Round-robin result below:


2014 AQS1 - Group Stage


2014 AQS1- Knockout Draw


 Bill Cormylo 1 (7) 4 Clarence York

 Rodney Yim 4 (7) 2 David Kutney

 Brad Grierson 3 (7) 4 Dwayne Anderson

 Peter Terpstra 4 (7) 1 Brent Balog


 Clarence York 1 (7) 4 Dwayne Anderson

 Rodney Yim 1 (7) 4 Peter Terpstra


 Peter Terpstra 4 (7) 1 Dwayne Anderson




 NEXT RANKING EVENT: 2013 AQS2 – Leather Pocket Billiards (Calgary) – February 8-9, 2014

Oct 03

2013 Alberta Masters – RESULTS

Alberta Masters



(click to enlarge)
2013 Alberta Masters - Bracket




Dec 08

2012 Mike Moffatt Memorial Cup | RESULTS

 2012 Mike Moffatt Memorial Cup
December 7-9th, 2012 

Tournament Results


2012 Mike Moffatt Memorial Cup - Draw

Match Schedule


6:00 PM

Table 1: Jim Killey 3 (5) 0 Sheena Madole
Table 2: Rodney Yim 2 (5) 3 Clarence York
Table 3: Gordon Galenza 0 (5) 3 Ken Bartko
Table 4: Richard Strand (5) 1 Arnold Gordon

8:00 PM

Table 1: Phill Oltmann 1 (5) 3 Richard Strand
Table 2: Jesse Nicol 3 (5) 1 Jim Killey
Table 3: Jesse Nowak 0 (5) 3 Ken Bartko
Table 4: Bill Cormylo 3 (5) 2 Norm Ducette 


12:00 PM

Table 1: Tom Williams 2 (5) 3 Rikki Lam
Table 2: Rob Phillips 3 (5) 0 Bob Tetz
Table 3: Warren Saffel 3 (5) 0 Clarence York
Table 4: Andy Chou w/o-w/d Ken Anderson

2:00 PM

Table 1: Brad Grierson vs. Williams/Lam
Table 2: Randall Morrison 0 (5) 3 Rob Phillips
Table 3: Cliff Johnson  Andy Chou
Table 4: Brian Butler 3 (5) 0 Bill Cormylo

4:00 PM

Table 1: Jesse Nicol 0 (5) 3 Andy Chou
Table 2: Ken Bartko 3 (5) 2 Brian Butler
Table 3: Rob Phillips 1 (5) 3 Brad Grierson
Table 4: Warren Saffel 3 (5) 0 Richard Strand


12:00 PM

Table 2: Warren Saffel 4 (7) 0 Brad Grierson
Table 4: Andy Chou 4 (7) 1 Ken Bartko

4:00 PM

Table 4: Warren Saffel 3 (9) 5 Andy Chou 

Straight Pool

Straight Pool Results


Gordon Galenza 100 – 33 Sheena Madole
Rodney Yim 71 – 100 Jim Killey
Jesse Nowak 100 – 90 Bill Cormylo


Gordon Galenza 104 – 33 Jim Killey
Jesse Nowak 110 – 27 Randall Morrison

Gordon Galenza 107 – 150 Jesse Nowak



Mar 28

2012 Alberta Qualifying Series #6 – Medicine Hat | Results

The sixth event of the 2012 Alberta Snooker Qualifying Series kicked off the Saturday morning of March 25th, 2012 at Boston Billiards & Lounge in Medicine Hat, Alberta! A number of new faces appear amongst the field of players for the first time this season and each were split by random draw into the following groups, with the Top 4 of each advancing to Sunday’s knockout stage:

2012 AQS6 - Group Stage Results

Medicine Hat’s local players brought with them the highest standard of the season and a long list of closely-fought contests in the round-robin stage of the event. The top spot for Group A went right down to the wire as Red Deer’s David Kutney and Jim Vercammen of Medicine Hat played out their final two frames against one another for first place. Although Kutney looked unstoppable en route to eh playoffs, Jim took their final match 2-0 to deny him the top seed.

Group B was equally tight as Brady Rennie and Larry Lesko shared identical records at the end of play, losing one frame to each other and one to Bob Tetz and Jesse Nicol (via an outrageous fluke on the blue ball) respectively to force a one-frame playoff that Brady narrowly edged.  

Nicol’s win over Larry Lesko effectively locked down fourth place just below Doug Skorpack and ahead of Bob Tetz, however Doug withdrew from the second day’s play, resulting in Jesse leapfrogging his way into the third seed and Bob claimed the fourth seed for a chance to play Jim Vercammen in the quarterfinals. Andrew Keeley, despite seceding from round-robin play before playing his final match which was ultimately recorded as a walkover, still managed to sneak into the fourth seed for a chance to play Brady in the opposite half of the quarterfinal draw.

2012 AQS6 - Knockout Round

The knockout round provided plenty of drama all throughout. David Kutney’s 4-0 defeat of Jesse Nicol didn’t tell the full story as many opportunities were left for Jesse who could not quite capitalize on the final balls to get a frame on the board. Likewise, Larry Lesko and Clarence York’s quarterfinal encounter was a high-scoring affair with four close frames that all happened to fall Lesko’s way. Larry opened the fourth frame with a run of six blacks for a 48-0 lead, only to have Clarence come back with a run of 37 to close the gap. The fightback proved not to be enough, however and Larry took the fourth frame to advance to the semi-final.

Kutney would advance to play Brady Rennie, while Lesko was poised to face Jim Vercammen, both of whom came through 4-1 winners over Andrew Keeley and Bob Tetz. While Kutney fell 4-2 in a close match with Brady, the showcase story was on the other table, where Jim Vercammen and Larry Lesko exchanged frames back and forth, pushing their semi-final to 3-3.

The final frame came down to the black ball and Larry Lesko was able to pot a difficult pink with the rest into the green pocket, leaving him cueing over the cushion for the last black, which sat on the opposite side of table, tight against the rail. Larry played the shot of the tournament to carve the black down the rail with tremendous pace into the top left pocket to win the match (video).

While it seemed as though it couldn’t be any more dramatic, those in attendance were treated to a spectacular final match. Larry Lesko, riding the wave of his semi-final win, steamrolled Brady Rennie for three straight frames, highlighted by a break of 56 in the opening frame and margins of victory as high as 82 points. 

The match was almost certainly going to be a dominant display from Larry, who admitted that even he didn’t know where this surging run of form had come from. However, frame 4 was a turn of the tide as Brady had most of the table time and ran away with a 68-8 victory. 

Lesko was able to compile three early blacks in frame 5 for a 24-point lead, but Brady stepped in with a run of 26 and the scrappy frame eventually went to Brady as Larry was unable to find the pocket on several good chances. The sixth was the longest frame at just over 30 minutes as Larry was visibly struggling to get over the line and playing cautiously. Despite some of Lesko’s exquisite safety play to obtain the required snooker on the final few balls, Rennie’s escapes were equal to the task on more than one occasion and a difficult pink into the right-middle pocket sealed the deal for Brady and set up the deciding frame.

The complexion of the match had completely turned around and all throughout the seventh frame, Brady maintained control and Larry continued to struggle to find the form that gave him the now-evaporated 3-0 lead from early in the match. Trailing 18-3 in the deciding frame, Larry’s best chance was thwarted when he potted a difficult long red but fouled controversially on the pink ball while cueing awkwardly over it near the bottom cushion. Shaken by the incident, Larry was not able to score anything significant for the remainder of the frame and Brady Rennie completed a stunning comeback from 3-0 down to win the tournament, 4 frames to 3. 


2012 Alberta Snooker Qualifying Series - Points Table

Special thanks to Donna and Jim Vercammen for allowing us to stage this event at the fabulous Boston Billiards & Lounge.

Only two events remain in the 2012 Alberta Snooker Qualifying Series – next up is April 14-15th, 2012 at Leather Pocket Billiards in Calgary! E-mail albertasnooker@gmail.com to register, or contact Randall Morrison by phone @ 403-921-7764.