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Event Registration – ONLINE

Welcome to the ABSA Online Event Registration page. To sign up for an event, fill out the form below, ensure you have selected the correct event from the drop-down list and submit your information.

If you have already registered but then need to cancel after the fact, please send an e-mail stating as albertasnooker@gmail.com or contact Randall Morrison at 403-399-1972.

Next Event:
2017 Alberta Snooker Championship – TBA




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  1. Brad Grierson

    Hi there,

    I’m planning on playing this event in Red Deer. I don’t foresee any issues that would cause me to withdraw.


    Brad Grierson

  2. Ross McNeil

    I have tried to register numerous times over the last few years but get no response???

    1. Randall Morrison

      Hello Ross,

      I’m very sorry to hear that, I haven’t heard of anyone else having such problems and I’m not sure what it could be!

      But I truly have not received any registrations from you either via the website or via email at albertasnooker@gmail.com – you can also phone me at 403-399-1972 to register. Surely one of these options will work for you!


      Randall Morrison, Alberta Billiard Sports Association

  3. Ken hoverd

    I’ve been looking at your site. It’s not the easiest thing to look at. I am new to Canada and would like to participate in some competition but trying to find dates and venues is not good maybe you can help and send me a list of when they are are held and where please

    1. Randall Morrison

      Hello Ken,

      Unfortunately, you’ve arrived at a time when the Alberta Snooker scene is somewhat vacant, which is largely why the information is difficult to find. We have run a full calendar of events for several consecutive years, but this year, they have been put on hiatus due to circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully things will be back up and running for next year.

      There will be at least one tournament this year (likely in April) and the details should be on the main page before the month is out. I’m sorry I can’t offer more playing opportunities at this time, but I appreciate your enthusiasm to participate and hopefully that stays with you until we can get back up on our feet again.


  4. Bill Cormylo

    Does anyone know if the Alberta Snooker Championships are being played this weekend (Apr.8,9,10) and if so, where? Thanks.

    1. Randall Morrison

      Sorry Bill, the provincials are likely postponed until after the summer. =(

  5. Mike

    Can you please let me know when the next event is taking place.
    Mike Coyle

  6. Mike

    Please let me know of next event

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